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Nov 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
't -- don't want to lose the lectern here -- i can't be an unbiased commenter on this book. i worked for bill buckley for 39 years. he was my idol, my mentor, my friend, sometimes a royal pain in the ass, but mostly it was all those positive things. and ronald reagan was my first political idol. i voted for him every chance i got. nothing illegal. no chicago stuff. but every him chance to vote for him i took. i only met him once, and that was at a national review function. we had invited him to our 25th 25th anniversary banquet in 1980, and this story is told in the book in "the reagan i knew." although it's not told completely. bill sent reagan a letter in april of 1980 -- our banquet was in december -- he said, you simply must be there, could you come? well, in a campaign year, april is like decades before november. to say nothing of december. now, bill understood that so he also sent reminders to reagan. but he did them in a very bill-like fashion, which he does not -- he suppresses in this book, but i remember, he sent letters saying things like, cinderella waits for prince charm
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1